Oakwood, MT


A planned futuristic vintage town in the works…

— About —

Oakwood, MT, is a planned future independent, off-grid community in the style of a small 1950s town, located on several square miles of land in rural Montana, complete with electromechanical telephone switches in the central office! The town caters to telephone hobbyists, environmental activists, and those who are just plain fed up with the detritus of modern life and want to return to the "good 'ole days".

Oakwood, MT, will be a chartered suburban town subject to certain rules, including a ban on newer vehicles and any equipment that emits radiofrequency radiation (without express permission from the town charter or the town council), including microwave ovens, cordless phones, cellular phones, digital/AMI/AMR/"smart" meters, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cordless baby monitors, etc. The goal is to provide a vintage lifestyle experience for everyone and a lifestyle free from the health and societal implications of such technologies. Several AM antennas and TV antennas will be located outside the town so residents can choose from multiple free, terrestrial AM radio channels and analog TV channels. Due to the remoteness of the town, local power will be generated locally using sustainable methods. All the amenities of 1950s suburban life, such as daily newspaper delivery, daily milk delivery, daily egg delivery, etc. would be available to all residents on a per-cost basis. These services would not be offered by the town of Oakwood itself, but would rather be provided by local companies.

Oakwood would also function as an EMF retreat for those who are too sensitive to RF radiation to live elsewhere. The entire town, essentially, would function as a retreat, allowing those sensitive to radiation to live and work a "normal" lifestyle. There will also be a more natural retreat located outside the town with cabins and a main building with its own PBX (a small step-by-step PBX), with tie lines to nearby collectors' telephone switches and trunks to the Oakwood central office's step-by-step switch.

— Rationale —

As we get further and further into the twenty-first century, more and more people are growing increasingly disgruntled with the way things are heading, in most every respect. Oakwood will offer people the chance to return an era where many of today's problems were of lesser magnitude or nonexistent, while also avoiding the problems that did exist then and don't anymore.

A primary focus of the town is to keep analog switches alive on the PSTN. Vintage telecom equipment will be the norm, rather than the exception, in Oakwood.

Furthermore, the amount of electrosmog present in the 21st century has skyrocketed tremendously. This is radiation that peer-reviewed independent science has shown is dangerous. The government has not demonstrated that it is interested in prioritizing people's basic rights to being healthy over corporate and private interests. While unofficial radio quiet zones like Green Bank, West Virginia exist, they are there for the sake of scientific research, not protecting people's health. Oakwood, MT would be the first town of its kind specifically designed with people's environmental health and safety in mind, bringing a truly holistic approach to healthy living that permeates all aspects of the town, with minimal RF radiation, low chemical presence, and locally grown produce.

— Contact —

If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to drop us a line! The official number to reach the Oakwood Planning Commission is (407) 564-4171. A representative from Mountain Pacific Telephone Company will answer during regular business hours; after hours you may leave a message on our answering machine. Don't forget you can also join our Oakwood mailing list!