Oakwood, MT


A planned futuristic vintage town in the works…

Charter of the Town of Oakwood

  1. Law. The Town of Oakwood is to be legally structured and managed in accordance with the Charter of Oakwood, as presented here. This Charter provides for the establishment of the Town of Oakwood, to be established with the following provisios:
    1. The Town of Oakwood is established in an effort to provide a healthy and vibrant community to live, work, and play, for all persons seeking a vibrant and constructive community. It is established with the health and practical effects of manmade radiofrequency radiation in mind in particular and is to be a sanctuary for them and all other persons desiring to participate in a holistically healthy and vibrant community. The following considerations are thus implicatory.
    2. The Town of Oakwood is not to be established within the range of any major mobile provider. There is to be no cellular service in range of Oakwood.
    3. The Town of Oakwood is not to be established within ten miles of a populous of more than 50,000 or within five miles of a populous of more than 5,000.
    4. The Town of Oakwood is to established with full land and mineral rights to a source of clean, purified water with no added chemicals.
    5. The Town of Oakwood is to be established on land that has not been chemically abused and is not near sources of pesticides, fracking, or other destructive or degrading environmental activity.
    6. The Town of Oakwood must encompass a minimum of full land rights of at least one square mile and must have control over the land surrounding it in at least three miles in each direction.
  2. Majorities. A note about majorities is required here. The following is used as shorthand in this charter:
    1. A majority — more than one-half
    2. A supermajority — more than two-thirds
    3. A plurality — the most of any receiver of votes
  3. Organization. The town of Oakwood is to be chartered by the following hierarchy:
    1. The Mayor of Oakwood will be elected annually by a popular plurality vote of Residents. He will head the administration of the town and will sign any bills and provisios to be signed into law. In the event that the Mayor resigns, becomes incapacitated, becomes deceased, or is otherwise no longer in a capacity to serve, an interim Mayor elected by the Town Board will serve temporarily as Deputy Mayor until an election conducted within two weeks results in the permanent appointment of a new mayor. A Town Hall of administration will fill positions as required by the Mayor.
    2. The Oakwood Town Board comprises five persons 25 years of age or greater who will be initially appointed by the mayor and elected by the Oakwood Town Council every five years. In the event of a vacancy, the Mayor will nominate a candidate who must be confirmed by a majority vote of the Oakwood Town Council. The Town Board will decide administrative matters under the Mayor.
    3. The Oakwood Town Council comprises twelve persons 20 years of age or greater who will be initially appointed by the Oakwood Town Board and elected by a popular vote of the Residents of Oakwood in an annual election. In the event of a vacancy, the Mayor will nominate a candidate who must be confirmed by a majority vote of the Oakwood Town Board. The Town Council will decide administrative matters under the Board. Each resident of Oakwood will be represented by one councilmember based on geographic location, with each councilmember representing an equal number of constituents. In addition, during each annual election for mayor and councilmembers, constituent voters will be able to vote on referendums.
    4. A judiciary system of local courts will be provided for deciding judicial matters. The Town will additionally provide for a sheriff and a police force.
  4. Residents are persons living within the town or township of Oakwood who have a permanent address there or are a dependent of another Resident. Residents must abide by all laws, rules, and regulations as per this Charter and by and laws and bylaws that follow.
    Residents, businesses, and other entities who do not abide by the Charter and other laws risk being expelled from Oakwood. If any person or other entity is found in violation of the Charter or Town Code, he will be brought before the Court and tried. If found guilty, the person or entity will have residency or permits immediately revoked and will be immediately expelled from Oakwood. A grace period may be determined by the Court, not to exceed thirty days.
  5. Regulated Items.
    1. There are to be no general-purpose antenna errections in Oakwood or near Oakwood used for two-way civilian communications. This includes cellular antennas, wireless broadband, and other antennas used primarily for the purpose of civilian two-way communications. Antennas used for limited and necessary activities by the Oakwood Police and Fire Departments are exempted, as are analog radio and television stations provided their antennas are situated more than seven miles from the town limits.
    2. The use of digital, including "smart", electric meters is strictly prohibited. All electric, water, and other utility meters are to be analog electromechanical meters. Charges expressly for meter reading are prohibited.
    3. The used of commercial pesticides is strictly prohibited.
    4. The use, sale, or growth of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) is strictly prohibited.
    5. The sale of fruit juices, energy drinks, and other beverages containing artificial flavorings or chemicals, including but not limited to aspartame and high fructose corn syrup, is strictly prohibited. Soda beverages are exempted from this requirement (e.g. Coca Cola), provided that alternative soda beverages containing neither caffeine nor high fructose corn syrup nor aspartame are available within a reasonable proximity to the point of sale.
    6. The errection of surface parking lots with a capacity of greater than ten vehicles is prohibited unless a) the lot is for industrial purposes or b) a permit is granted by the Town Council. Permits are subject to revocation by a supermajority vote of the Town Council and Town Board.
    7. The use of small electric vehicles, such as electric scooters, is prohibited. Exemptions are granted for those with physical disabilities or those using assistive equipment or electrically-assisted wheelchairs.
    8. Non-traditional forms of nicotine, including vapes and e-cigarettes, are forbidden.
    9. Smoking is not permitted in government, educational, or hospital buildings. Private property owners are free to determine if they wish to allow smoking on their premises or not, and all commercial buildings must clearly indicate if they have an express policy permitting or forbidding smoking.
    10. An additional excise tax of 100% is imposed on all purchases of cigars and cigarettes.
    11. An additional excise tax of 10% is imposed on all sales of gasoline and diesel.
    12. LED lighting is prohibited, in any place for any reason, without an exemption granted by the Town Board.
    13. Fluorescent lighting is prohibited, in any place for any reason, without an exemption granted by the Town Board.
    14. The sale of vehicles manufactured later than 1989 to consumers is prohibited without a per-vehicle exemption from the Town Board. Purchase of any vehicle for parts or scrapping only is permitted (including trade in of newer vehicles for older ones provided the newer vehicle is not resold).
    15. Adding fluoride to city tap water or to water for resale, manufacture, or consumption or other use is prohibited.
    16. The use of cloud services or the storage or access of any data outside of Oakwood by the local government that is not an encrypted archive backup is strictly prohibited.
  6. Education.
    1. Primary (elementary) schools must teach the proficient use of cursive handwriting to all students. The Spencerian script should be given preference to the Palmer method.
    2. All written reports, essays, and other assignments as per instructors must be written in longhand (cursive) handwriting. Typewriters may be used for typewritten essays in secondary school only.
    3. Standalone digital clocks are not allowed in primary schools.
    4. Computers are not allowed in elementary school classrooms or rooms used for instruction in elementary schools, without approval from the Town Board.
    5. Secondary school students may not have access to computers except in dedicated computer labaratories used for instructional purposes by an instructor.
    6. The longhand method of manually square roots by hand must be part of the standard algebra curriculum.
    7. Chlorine, chemicals, swimwear, etc. are prohibited in school swimming pools.
    8. Self-service gasoline stations are prohibited. Attendants must pump all gasoline.
  7. Communications
    1. No part of Oakwood within the Town Limits is to be more than 300 feet from a public coin telephone, and no part of the Downtown District is to be more than 75 feet from a public coin telephone.
    2. Emergency call boxes for police and fire purposes are to be located throughout the town in business, industrial, and residential areas. No part of Oakwood should be located more than 100 feet from a fire box, capable of summoning the fire department on a common battery copper loop by means of pulses, or more than 200 feet from a police box, capable of summoning the police or providing restricted telephone access to on-duty police officers.
    3. A public newspaper is to be published in print only no fewer than six days per week and distributed to all subscribing residents and business by no later than 6:30am each morning.